Frequently Asked Questions


What does SDG and DDG mean?

This refers to the rail tracks for the robot wheels found along the top of the grid.

SDG stands for Single/Double Grid. This design provides a single rail track along one axis and a double rail track along the other axis. Utilizing a single rail in one direction requires the robots to have a cell between them when passing.

DDG stands for Double/Double Grid. This design provides a double rail track in all directions allowing robots to pass each other in all directions.

What is the center-to-center distance (length-width) between the bins?

Single/Double Grid: 705mm (27.8 inches) in wide grid direction and 480mm (18.9 inches) in narrow grid direction.

Double/Double Grid: 705mm (27.8 inches) in wide grid direction and 505mm (19.9 inches) in narrow grid direction.

Are there any limits to the size of the grid?

Max height is 16 of the 330 mm bins or 24 of the 220 mm bins resulting in 5.4 m (17.75 feet). With robots and recommended service space, the height is 7.4 m (24.25 feet) in total.

The max height for the new bin is 14 high of the 425 mm resulting in 6 m (19.6 feet). With robots and recommended service space, the height is 8 m (26.25 feet) in total.

Design guidelines:

  • A grid width/length ratio in meters between 1:1 and 1:3 is preferable.
  • Minimum grid size (width/length) in number of cells is the number of bins in height plus 2 in each direction.
  • To prevent robot "over-population" there should be at least 15-25 grid cells per robot (rule of thumb is 25).
  • If the conditions are not as specified in points 1-3, an AutoStore installation can still be a very efficient solution, but a specific analysis/simulation is then recommended.

What is the minimum height required for the grid?

This depends on the design. At the very least, the minimum height must be 4 bins high when using the 330 or 425 bins and 6 bins when utilizing the 220, plus the grid track above it. This bin depth provides the needed height for a Port.

Less space is needed if the track is used "only" as a road for transporting bins between different grids. In this case, the design can either be a track with no bins or a track with at least one bin plus the track above.

How much space do we need between the roof and the top of the grid?

For robot trafficking we need 600 mm (2 feet) for R5 and 860 mm (2.8 feet) for B1.

It needs to be possible for service and support staff to operate and use the AutoStore service vehicle on the grid. The recommendation from AutoStore is at least 2 m (6.5 feet) of open space above the grid. In special cases a lower height could be accepted by the local authorities, but this needs to be clarified and approved by the local authorities and the local AutoStore distributor.

What is the total clearance between the bin length and width dimension versus the opening created by the grid (length and width)?

3 mm (0.1 inch) on all sides (bin tolerance +/-2 mm)

Will SDG still be available?

Yes, although DDG will be the new standard going forward.

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